2 comments on “No-one is an Island: supporting our students’ mental health takes a community

  1. Thanks for this Bryn.

    You are right, we need to come together as a community to have impact going forward. All stakeholders, including parents. I have found there are a lot of great programs happening within schools but often parents are left out of the equation. What if we are all learning together? Working as a team instead of in isolation?

    How can parents provide information to educators about what it is like to try and navigate multiple systems of care that are fragmented and tend not to communicate clearly with one another…well I do have a solution for that – read my blog haha. In all seriousness though, we need to be collaborating on this – learning from, with and about each other. Understanding that together we can make a difference.

    Sometimes we think we need big solutions for a problem but then that gets overwhelming and so they get set aside. Small shifts in perspective, coming together respectfully, generating ideas … I really believe that’s where it’s at to start moving forward.

    Looking forward to #bcedchat tonight.

    • Thanks for responding. I agree with you about finding smaller solutions that work over big, large scale projects that don’t always have follow through.
      As a team, more can be done to support our children at school, home and the community.

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