One comment on “Collecting your students: moving towards the adaptive, emergent and integrative

  1. Bryn,

    The post caught my attention as it relates to the vast majority of the students that I teach in Alt.Ed.

    It’s the bridging of the gaps that welcomes new students into the community, into a place that they feel welcomed that they can live, not just exist. They begin to feel like they matter, they are not just some body roaming the halls.

    The “adult champion” you speak of is another, although I refer to it as being a cheerleader. So many students do not have the relationships they should with the “alphas” (for a variety of reasons). It’s the relationships we build as teachers that are able to help support those students in need of a little extra attention. There is nothing more rewarding as a teacher to experience those “ah hah,” shinning star moments.

    Thanks for making me reflect on why I chose to teach where I am. Here’s to all of the “adult champions” out there.

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