5 comments on “Educational change in an uncertain time: supporting our newer teachers

  1. Hi Bryn,

    I really like your work on this post. I’m thinking a lot about the history of public education and what the TRUE purpose of education is. I agree that our system has not been reformed effectively in WAY too long.

    I wonder how we can get families and educators on board with the NEED for an updated educational system. Doing things the way we’ve always done them is too easy, and it’s certainly not the best thing for our students.

    Our innovative educators are being witnessed and celebrated everyday through their work on social media. Joining together with other like-minded educators online allows for the true 21st century thinkers to find an audience who understands them.

    An issue that remains is that the teachers who are willing to try new things and use technology find ways to do that. It’s not all that easy to bring the frightened educators into this world, online and in the classroom.

    To me, the buy in from apprehensive educators and parents is the key to making change. The early adopters are adopting and hopefully soon, the followers will see the light and start to follow their lead!


  2. Your post is very thought-provoking, Bryn. You’ve caused me to reflect on my own practice as I have moved from Middle into High School. Now I feel the pressure of “covering” everything despite my implementation of project-based learning in the past. My recent post called: “Projects that Change the World” outlines how effective genuine projects are and yet the thought of my students taking a government exam that I did not create, leads me to want to make sure I zoom through everything that could be on it. More thought is needed for me to reconcile these two ideas. Building a network of like-minded High School educators will help as well!

    • Thanks Sean.
      Unfortunately, the exam can be a huge driving force that removes options for authentic learning. I understand the concept of the exam, but with what we know about learning, it is difficult to reconcile.

  3. I love this post, Bryn – and am retweeting it. I recently spoke to fourth year education students at TWU and emphasized the need for them to get connected on twitter and social media to learn more about the innovative things happening in education. I also agree with you that we need to celebrate these, and did write about some of the initiatives happening in my blog post Start With Strengths (in Education) Part 2. I think it is important for parents/community members to understand and know about these initiatives, as it will also encourage a broader shift in thinking about education. Thanks again, Bryn!

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