2 comments on “One #EdCamp to Teach us all: a reflection

  1. Thanks for your reflection on your Edcamp35. So great to hear your thoughts. Another Edcamp35 educator was sharing the exact same sentiment as you shared about “I always felt a little down after theses events. I would have amazing conversations with educators, discovering new ways to engage and enrich the learning opportunities of my students and then find that I would disappear into my classroom”. Just so you know there is at least my friend and myself that feel the same way. Sometimes as educators you feel like an island and some what disconnected to others, even in your own school. I guess it is making bridges and continuing to work on those bridges. It’s about community and about connecting with others. Thanks for your insights again!

    • Thanks, Victoria. I found that especially after edcamp, there was a lot more of the connections continuing. Made going back to school on Monday awesome (well, awesomer….)

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