2 comments on “Are teachers that use technology without pedagogy becoming irrelevant? Part 2

  1. Hi Bryn
    This is an ongoing dialogue and I like how you’re framing and reframing your ideas. I worry when ppl use the line “tech is a tool…” notion. I’m not so sure it is that simple. It allows ppl to think that it can be a fancy pencil and thus an easy go at “substitution”. And yes there’s the bling factor – I go back to “engagement” is not the same as ‘learning’. One can be engaged in a movie and yet not learn anything. I think we have a higher calling than just creating a fun environment (though I like fun). The new technologies allow for more social interaction – it creates environments that we never had before – it connects us in ways not previously allowed. Maybe we might think of it as a portal to an environment to explore, to play, to create, to connect, to share, to reflect, to reimagine (I’m taking this from MIT Learning Creative Learning Media Lab). The actual tools are seamless like what we stuff in a luggage to bring along for the ride. I tend to ask ppl what their purpose is and connect it with curricular standards/goals. That needs to be the driver – they have to know that what they’re spending time on is worth it in the long haul.
    – Jan 🙂

    • Thanks, Janet. I completely agree with your take on technology as something that should become seamless and enhances or increases the learning.
      Thank you for helping me continue to refine my thinking!

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