7 comments on “Are Teachers that don’t use technology irrelevant? Part I

  1. Being a great teacher in 2014 means creating experiences that utilize technology in ways that make sense. So, being a great teacher in 2014 requires using technology. It just does.

    Be a great teacher in 2014, not a great teacher from 1983 in 2014.

  2. Hi Bryn
    Enjoyed your post and agree with much of your (and your contributors) sentiments. I would like to take a different angle on this issue. I would be prepared to argue that to be an effective teacher today requires you to be an effective learner. To be an effective learner you need to be connected and networked. Social technologies are game changers in this regard for teachers and students. Learning is no longer confined to our schools, classrooms, districts, departments, Provinces, States or Nations. So in order to maximize our learning – taking full advantage of the collective and the collaborative- technology is a must .

    Thanks for sharing the post

    • Great points, Johnny. I would agree that to be a great teacher you need to be a learner. However, that learning doesn’t necessarily need to be online through tech.
      Having said that, I believe that any teacher that brings tech into his/her classroom in appropriate ways will be a learner themselves and that can only improve student learning.
      Thanks for the comment!

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