2 comments on “Giving teachers permission to explore: BC’s new curriculum

  1. Thanks for your post on the new curriculum. These are my thoughts specifically on the draft in Technology Literacies for Students. I love the idea of having technology integrated into the curriculum.

    I took some time to look a the outcomes and I find that there is some great movement towards building up the knowledge of digital literacy among our new generation, however I don’t know if the way they went about it was right. I found there is a lack of fluidity in it.

    So for example in upper intermediate there is a PLO that describes “create original animations or videos documenting school, community or local events”. Well, I believe that there needs to be a building of knowledge of language, as well as encouragement to use specific types of software to build that understanding to create a worthwhile project. I think some teachers will feel overwhelmed by this specific task. I feel there needs to be a bridge to those teachers who don’t have a clue how to build an animation or video with their kids. I feel like there is a bit of “jumping into the deep end” feel.

    I think many teachers who are not familiar with software will be overwhelmed with the outcomes, so I believe there needs to be a clear layout of software products the government encourages staff to use. I continue to ponder about the new PLOs in Technology, as I am not totally sold on the scaffolding yet. (You can tell I have a lot to say on this issue) 🙂

    • Thanks, Victoria. Your insight into the tech side of the drafts is enlightening. I hadn’t thought about what software works where.
      I am hoping that the recommended resources section remains strong and evolves.

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