4 comments on “Social Media Summit #sd43

  1. Hi Bryn,
    With respect to new online sites:
    “…Many of which are used to circumvent parental and adult control or knowledge of conversations. As soon as the ‘adults in the room’ become aware of the sites, students have usually already moved on.”
    We need to remember that when we were kids, we often played outside of adult view (ie ‘Come home when the street lights come on.’ ~ With no idea where we were until then.) Now, we know where are kids are 24/7. They want the same things we had, they just find it online rather than in physical spaces.
    This actually further perpetuates your point… we need to explicitly teach students how to act appropriately online. I do, however, believe that the best way to do this is to treat online behaviour as an extension of physical behaviour, rather than as something independent of who they are offline.
    Great post, and sorry that I couldn’t make the summit!

    • I agree, Dave. To follow your analogy of when we were kids, we knew and behaved (generally) responsibly when we were outside on the streets,parks. Those that are already good digital citizens are also good physical citizens.

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