3 comments on “My Professional Growth Plan: 2013

  1. This is really interesting! I like that you’re using a blog to track your own professional progress.

    As it’s over a decade since I was in high school, and since you have a background in math/science, I’m wondering if there’s any mentoring being placed in linking student training and trends in job availability. For example; in STEMs we’re experiencing an unbelievable glut in skilled individual training/supply, when compared to workforce demand in North America. This glut existed before the present recession, which has only magnified the problem. The life science field is particularly hard hit.

    This problem is compounded by the fact that once students enter university there is very little information on how to transition from the academe to non-academic employment. In fact, I’ve been forced to engage industrial, government, non-profit etc. employers to get any accurate real-time information. This isn’t terrible. I chose to do this, and it’s not easy, but because I did this I’m much more prepared than those I’m competing with for jobs. Having said that, I figure if undergraduate students entering university start asking questions about job trends, and how to gain employment outside of academia then universities will start actually supplying that information, and students wont slog out multiple degrees without any sort of professional direction. You would not believe how many graduate students in STEMs applied to their programs because they believed it would improve their job prospects. Almost none appreciate the fact that academic qualifications don’t count as work experience. And that’s the most shocking aspect of all.

    • I think this is a problem throughout all post-secondary. We have been pushing students into areas of study through incentives without a full understanding of what is actually needed job-wise.
      Here in my district (in BC, Canada), we do a great job for students looking for trades, but we still don’t work closely enough with post-secondaries around careers, especially in the STEM categories.
      Good luck!

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